It was reported by The New Yorker recently that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has finally parted ways with Konami. Over the past few months it has been rumored time and again that rifts between Kojima and the Tokyo based games company have deepened, ultimately leading to Kojima’s departure from the company. While there’s no update on the matter from the man himself, Konami has responded to the report by saying that Kojima hasn’t left, he’s just “on vacation.”

A report by Tokyo Sports cites a Konami spokesperson as saying that Kojima is currently listed as a company employee at Konami. The company itself has denied that Kojima has left, adding that after finishing work on Metal Gear Solid V he and the development team are taking a “long time off from work.”

Simon Parkin, who reported about Kojima leaving the company, stands by his story. He also tweeted a picture of what he says is the farewell party that was organized for Kojima at Konami on October 9th. “We’re not sure what kind of thing this was,” is how Konami responded when asked what the affair was actually about.

Meanwhile the man himself is silent on the matter and that obviously isn’t doing much to control rumors about his departure from Konami. Previous reports suggest that he has a non-compete with the company until December, so perhaps we might hear something about his future plans after December.

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