KojimaEarlier this year there were rumors suggesting that Hideo Kojima would be leaving Konami. This seemed to be confirmed when Kojima released a video in which he bid farewell to the series, and now according to a report from The New Yorker, it turns out that Kojima had officially parted ways with Konami earlier this month.

To be more specific, the report claims that Kojima had left Konami officially on the 9th of October, and their sources told them that there was some kind of departure ceremony for him, thus confirming the rumors that Kojima is indeed leaving Konami after having been there for close to thirty years.

From the earlier rumors, it has been suggested that the reason Kojima left was because there was some kind of power struggle between him and the company, although to date Konami has never confirmed this and in the past have released very boilerplate statements which don’t really tell us much.

The New Yorker claims that Kojima also has a non-compete clause that will expire in December, meaning that until that clause is expired, Kojima will not be able to sign on with any new gaming studios. It is unclear as to what the future holds for him and what kind of games we might expect now that he’s no longer with Konami, but as fans we will be keeping an eye on his activities.

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