lumia-950xlEarlier this month Microsoft announced the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL Windows 10 Mobile smartphones. Both devices are essentially flagships and they are also Microsoft’s first high-end smartphones, which is actually a pretty big deal. However it seems that less than a month in, Microsoft has already started slashing prices.

It has been noted that over in the UK, Microsoft has actually slashed the prices of both phones. The phones were expected to cost £499.99 for the Lumia 950, and the 950 XL for £549.99. However after the price cut, both phones are now priced at £449.99 and £529.99 respectively. Granted these aren’t drastic cuts, but they still are price cuts nonetheless.

It is unclear as to why Microsoft has decided to do price cuts in the UK. It is possible that this might be to adjust for the currency, or maybe Microsoft just wanted to be more competitive with phones around that level, but either way it looks like it is good news for customers who are shopping for a new phone.

We’re not sure if Microsoft will be adjusting prices in the US, but like we said if the price cuts are due to adjustments for the currency, price cuts in the US will most likely not happen, but either way we’ll keep an eye out for it all the same.

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