brain-wave-1[CEATEC 2015] I am quite sure that there are times when we wished we were telepathic – to be able to know just exactly what another person is thinking about, or mulling over. It would prove to be a rather invaluable ability at the end of the day especially when it comes to business negotiations, but unfortunately there is no such ‘mutant power’, so to speak. NeuroSky, however, hopes to explore the possibility of figuring out one’s mind – albeit in a far more humble setting, that is whether one is thinking “Yes” or “No” in their minds without having to speak it out or to reveal it through a facial expression or body language.

Using their brain wave sensor technology, NeuroSky is able to read one’s minds in terms of “Yes” and “No” answers, via what they call the MindWave Mobile. It will require the subject to wear the headset in the first place, which in turn is hooked up to a rectangular shaped device that does the processing. A monitor shows the alpha and beta waves of the subject’s brains, and I suppose all of the algorithm crunching would have been done before arriving at a result. This might be able to help overcome simple barriers in communication, especially when two people from completely different backgrounds and languages come face to face – although a simple nod of the head would also suffice in Yes/No situations.

I suppose if it were to be extended to those who are bed-ridden, and do not seem to be able to express themselves, having this is useful for the caregiver in order to better target their help as and where necessary.

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