reddit_homeIf you have a story that you want to go viral, posting it on Reddit has a good chance of making that happen due to the sheer volume of users on the website. However there are times when websites, such as ourselves, cite Reddit posts for news, which apparently takes traffic away from them.


Looking to regain some of that traffic and to make readers visit its website more, the company has launched a new standalone website called Upvoted. Basically Upvoted will be a version of Reddit in which news and interesting stories will be posted and curated from the company’s main website, which like we said will attempt to help drive traffic back to itself.

Ironically enough despite the name, Upvoted will not allow comments or any upvoting of any sort. In some ways you could think of Upvoted as a more refined and less wild version of Reddit where pretty much anything goes. The goal, apart from driving traffic back to itself, will also be to introduce Reddit to new audiences who might otherwise be a bit intimidated by the main website.

There will be a small editorial team that is being led by Vickie Chang, the former editorial director for MySpace, who aims to share about 10-20 stories a day before moving that number to 40. According to Chang, “Everything will have a direct tie back to Reddit. I want to find the tiny thread that connects it back to Reddit.” The website is expected to be launched later today so you might want to bookmark to find out more.

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