If you’re serious about photography, capturing images in RAW format is probably one of those things you should do. This is because RAW images aren’t processed by the camera, thus leaving the photographer with more options in terms of post-processing. Granted you can still post-process JPG files taken by the camera, but RAW simply affords more options.

The importance is recognized even by smartphone OEMs which is why some companies have bundled camera apps capable of capturing RAW images. Now if you’d like to be able to edit or read such images on your mobile device, you might be interested to learn that Snapseed for Android has recently been updated where it is now capable of reading and editing RAW image files.

Google had previously allowed users to capture images in RAW via Android 5.0 Lollipop, and if Snapseed has been your go-to app for post-processing, those RAW files can now be edited within the app. According to the update, “With Snapseed, you can now edit DNG RAW images directly on your device – in ways that are only possible with RAW. Correct exposure after the fact; achieve precise control over colour and tone; boost shadows and recover highlights to bring out stunning details in your image.”

The update should already be available in the Google Play Store so head on over if you’d like to get your hands on it.

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