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It all started when Sony announced a price cut for the PlayStation 4 in Japan, this led many to believe that the company will go down the same road in other markets, particularly in North America ahead of the lucrative holiday season. A few days back Sony confirmed a PS4 price cut for this region and that’s when we heard that a similar cut might be on the table for Europe as well and now even that has been confirmed. It’s a great time to purchase a PlayStation 4.


Sony has confirmed through its official blog that the PlayStation 4 is now going to be priced at €349.99 in mainland Europe and £299.99 in the United Kingdom, that’s a €50 and £50 discount for both markets.

The 500GB PlayStation 4 is now priced the same as the 500GB Xbox One in these markets, this will certainly make for an interesting holiday season, and the market will definitely be keeping an eye on this battle to see which console comes out on top.

Sony has also said that it’s also extending this price cut to some other territories such as New Zealand and Australia where the console will now be priced at $569.95 and $479.95 respectively.

Those who have been on the fence about purchasing a PlayStation 4 now have a great incentive to put money down for one, it’s good that the price cut is now effective in multiple markets, makes it that much easier for more people to pick up Sony’s console.

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