motox-pure-editionWhen it comes to relationships with carriers, Motorola has a pretty special one with Verizon. While carrier-exclusive phones do exist, what Motorola does with Verizon is an entirely different situation where the company creates phones specifically for the carrier’s network in the form of the Droid series of Android phones.

Sometimes these phones feature the same specs as the regular Motorola phones, but comes in a slightly different package, making it a unique feature of Verizon’s portfolio. Now if you have loved the Droid lineup of smartphones to date and you’re looking for an upgrade, you might be pleased to learn that come October 27th, Verizon and Motorola are expected to announce new Droid handsets.

According to the tagline of the invite that was sent out to various members of the media, “Everything you expect from a phone will change.” It is unclear as to what kind of phone we might expect, but from the tagline it sounds like it will be a high-end device. We’re not sure if Motorola and Verizon will simply be releasing a rebadged/redesigned Moto X or if they will launch something new and entirely different just for Verizon.

However we have heard rumors of a DROID MAXX 2 which is said to be a rebranded Moto X Play, and a DROID Turbo 2 which is a rebranded Moto X Force. Either way we guess we’ll have no choice but to wait until the 27th of October for all the official details.

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