Image credit - TIME

Image credit – TIME

If you’ve seen Star Trek, you know that the pins the characters wear on their uniforms aren’t just there for decoration, and they are actually a communicator that when pressed, allows them to speak to other members of the crew. Back in the day the concept was kind of revolutionary, and fast forward to today, it is possible to actually create one.

In fact according to a report published by TIME, it seems that at one point in time Google had actually attempted to create a device that is similar. This is according to Amit Singhal who is Google’s executive in charge of search initiatives, who as you can see in the photo above is clearly wearing the device himself.

How it works is pretty much standard. All the user would have to do is press it to speak to it. The idea behind it is so that users can communicate with Google without having to fish out their phones. According to Singhal, “I always wanted that pin. You just ask it anything and it works. That’s why we were like, ‘Let’s go prototype that and see how it feels.’”

Unfortunately it seems that while it might have been a good idea, further testing did not see the device leave its prototype stages, which we guess is a bit unfortunate for many users out there. However there are plenty of alternatives such as Bluetooth headsets, but would you have preferred something like this instead?

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