resurrected-aiLet’s face it – who doesn’t want to live forever? After all, with the power of compounding interest, you will soon be the richest person on earth if you are the only immortal around. Having said that, the search for the Fountain of Youth has always been a subject of fascination, but so far just about everyone dies. A company known as Humai begs to differ, citing the possibility of resurrection being possible in 30 years’ time – with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), of course.

Humai cites that they are working on the relevant technology to bring those who have passed on back to life, and have already kicked off work on human rebirth with the use of artificial intelligence. First of all, the company will collect as much data as possible concerning the deceased, ranging from thought to action, before stashing those into an artificial body that get this – carries an actual human brain.

So far, a pair of researchers are working on the artificial intelligence aspect of it, in addition to nanotechnology, bionics, and sensors alongside an ambassador who intends to share this with the general masses on Humai’s ultimate aim. Do you think a digital imprint on a tabula rasa would be the same as that of the actual person? I suppose it would feel somewhat cold – like Robocop realized.

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