li-fiWi-Fi is more or less a given these days, and just about everywhere we go to, we would be on the lookout for any kind of free Wi-Fi network on which we can piggyback on. Well, Wi-Fi is here to stay, isn’t it? Well, for the long haul, yes, but it seems that there might be other technologies down the road that might just change the situation, and we are talking about light based Internet, with it being termed as Li-Fi.

Li-Fi has been touted to be the next-generation wireless Internet connection which might be able to see off Wi-Fi some time down the road. This is a light-based data delivery platform which has already been tested out, and Light Fidelity in full, it will theoretically be able to deliver Internet connectivity to computers and smartphones at speeds of 100 times faster than home Wi-Fi, now how about that for being a speed demon?

This particular concept of Li-Fi was introduced in 2011 at the University of Edinburgh by Professor Harald Haas, where the question was asked, “What if every light bulb in the world could also transmit data?” This question was then followed by this statement, “By flickering the light from a single LED, a change too quick for the human eye to detect, can transmit far more data than a cellular tower, and do it in a way that’s more efficient, secure and widespread.”

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it is not quite time to wake up just yet, but it is nice to know that we could head in that direction in the future, but right now, Wi-Fi will remain as king.

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