The thing with wireless routers is that you need to be careful where you place them. This is because if you’re going to stuff the router in the corner of your home, chances are there will be some areas of the home where you will either get a really bad signal, or just no signal at all. This is where the Luma router comes in.

Offering what they’re calling “surround WiFi”, the Luma router’s goal is to provide WiFi and eliminate dead spots. This is done by allowing users to use more than one Luma at once and placing it around the home, and at the same time making it so that the entire process and setup is easy, thus making it a painless installation.

However apart from just killing dead spots, Luma will also come with a host of features. It provides monitoring so that you know who’s connected to your WiFi, what kind of things they are looking at, and you can even block users and bump them off your network. You can even set time limits for users, and parental controls so that your child will not accidentally stumble across unsavory websites.

It’s a pretty complete package but it does not come cheap. The Luma is priced at $249 for 3 devices in total, but you can opt to buy just one for $99 each. However this is currently an introductory offer and will be priced at $199 for one each and $499 for a set of three once the offer ends.

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