overwatch heroesWhen developers make games, they tend to make them for the PC first, and then they might consider an OS X version. Sometimes the OS X version can arrive as many as several years after the PC release. However developers such as Blizzard have typically done a good job of releasing for both PC and OS X at the same time.


Unfortunately for the company’s upcoming shooter Overwatch, it looks like it will be skipping OS X. According to a report from Polygon, Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that the game will not be available for Mac gamers. According to Kapan, “Currently with the technology behind Macs and the way Overwatch runs it’s just too challenging for us at this point to support it. Our focus right now is entirely on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.”

Kaplan did not share what exactly it was about Mac computers and OS X that renders the game unplayable on the computers. Is it a software issue that prevents the game from running optimally? Or is it the hardware? While Macs might be considered by some to be overpriced, the higher-end configurations aren’t exactly slouches either.

Then again to be fair, we can’t say for sure what kind of specs Overwatch will require. Perhaps it might be demanding enough where current Mac computers can’t run it, who knows? In any case it looks like for now Mac gamers probably shouldn’t hold their breath, but hopefully in the future OS X support will be added to the game. In the meantime Overwatch is currently available for pre-purchase and is expected to be released in the spring of 2016.

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