projection-canvasThe Projection Canvas from Bright Jam is a combo that includes a projector, a controller software and a few pieces of cardboard. With this, you can build your own small projected art, not unlike what many galleries or museums have, but in a much smaller format.

It works by having an easy way to control how images are projected on flat volumes (keystone effect). By default, the ensemble uses cubes, but users can conceptually create any flat-shaped surfaces since the control software is easy to tweak to accommodate the scene.

The idea can seem odd, and it is obviously promoted by projector companies in search of a new market, this product is sometimes used by customers to build an interesting setting to display their wedding photos, or other important events that would justify investing some time into them.

projection-canvas_bBack in western countries, I don’t see that happening, but I could imagine art students using this to build miniature scenography projects. Some galleries could also be interested in it. At the moment, it’s only available in Japan, via Amazon.

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