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Eyes-On Canon’s DIGISUPER 122X Optical Zoom
We had heard of Canon’s UHD-DIGISUPER 122 which was announced recently, but we got an opportunity to see one in action at Inter Bee 2018 in Tokyo, and it was indeed very impressive.

RayBrid KeyMaker Aims To Reduce Chroma-Key Costs For TV Studios
One of Canon’s partners at Inter Bee 2018 was presenting RayBrid KeyMaker, a 100% software solution designed to replace the old and expensive “blue screen” technology widely in studios today.

JVC 500-Series Connected Camera For Live 4K Broadcasting
Because the demand for live events keeps rising with highly challenging logistics, JVC introduced the JVC 500-Series 4K cameras that are designed from the ground up to improve live broadcast production efficiency.

Panasonic World’s First Organic 8K Sensor
At Inter Bee 2018, Panasonic is introducing the first camera equipped with an “Organic” 8K sensor (36M pixel, 60 FPS), which should push the light sensitivity and dynamic range farther than existing CMOS sensors.


Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K Video Camera
Black Magic is showing its Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K camera to an audience of broadcasting professionals at Inter Bee 2018, and we took this opportunity to take a closer look.

Sony XDCAM PXW-Z280 Camera At Inter Bee 2018
Sony has recently launched the 4K/60FPS PXW-Z280 3-sensor camera, and it was being exposed at Inter Bee 2018, a broadcasting trade-show that we visit to see the latest in ultra-high-end camera and broadcasting equipment.

Sony 32x18 Foot Crystal LED Display With 8K/120FPS Videos
The retail display world is perhaps the most relevant place to start using 8K videos, and Sony has put on an impressive show at Inter Bee 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.

Docomo Shows 5G In Japan Ahead of 2020 Commercial Launch
At Inter Bee 2018 (Tokyo/Japan), Docomo has installed a 5G demo truck with a huge screen inside to demonstrate the power of 5G live streaming video.

Panasonic Professional 360 Real-Time 4K Camera: Hands-On
VR and 360 videos are the focus of intense research and competition as broadcasting companies can sense that this type of content is about to become the topic of an intense push by the industry. To explore new ways to capture broadcast-quality 360 videos, Panasonic came up with this 360-degree 4K Real-Time Camera prototype, which can capture four 4K streams simultaneously to form a 360 degrees view.

Adobe Promotes 360/VR Video Editing At Inter Bee 2016
After announcing VR Editing in Adobe Premiere back in April 2016, Adobe formally introduced the feature a bit later in the spring. Adobe is now on the show floor of Inter Bee 2016 (a professional broadcast trade show in Tokyo, Japan) to demonstrate and promote VR Editing in Japan, a country where 360 cameras have sparked a lot of interest among professionals.

Nixus Celio Pro Subtitle System Driven By MS-Excel
In the live television world and the video/broadcast world, the workflow is critical. Although subtitles and other live graphics/information that appear on TV seem to be simple, the systems driving them isn’t. Many broadcasters still use heavily customized platforms that require some engineering effort for every change and customization. Introduced at Inter Bee 2016, Celio by Nixus aims at making this significantly simpler to empower smaller companies.

Wonder Vision Sphere 5.2 Immersive Screen: We Tried It
At Inter Bee 2016,  I stumbled onto the Sphere 5.2 by Wonder Vision. This display setup is designed to be an immersive display which provides a half-sphere projection surface for any kind of imaging content, whether it is video or real-time 3D. The experience was very enjoyable.

DJI Launches Phantom 4 Pro Edition
DJI has launched the Pro edition of its popular Phantom 4 drone which was actually released earlier this year in March and we got a close up view of it at Inter Bee 2016 in Japan. As the name suggests, this is just an incremental update that adds several new features to the drone. The company has also unveiled a new Inspire 2 drone which has two cameras onboard. The […]

DJI Unveils Inspire 2 Drone With Two Cameras On Board
A couple of years ago, DJI launched their Inspire drone and in 2016, it looks like the company is back with its successor, the DJI Inspire 2. Of course there will be quite a few upgrades from its predecessor, but one of the notable changes that DJI has made to the Inspire 2 that sets it apart from the Inspire is the fact that it now sports dual cameras. We […]