The lucrative holiday season is just around the corner and retailers are gearing up to tackle all of the business that it brings, Wal-mart is reportedly going to release a new mobile application that will significantly speed up store pick-ups. Customers will be able to make their purchase online and then head to a designated Wal-mart outlet to pick up their items, they’ll be able to manage the timing via the app so that the entire process goes smoothly, allowing both the customer and employees at the store to save time when they’re handling a store pick-up during the hectic holiday shopping season.

Reuters reports that Wal-mart is going to launch a new mobile application soon that’s aimed at reducing wait times for in-store pick-ups of online orders, this is an effort on its part to further improve a service which it believes provides Wal-mart a leg up on its rivals such as Amazon which doesn’t own and operate any physical stores.

The application will have a “mobile check-in” feature which will allow customers to pick up online orders swiftly and easily, they will notify the store when they’re arriving so that the entire process is quick for both parties.

The retail giant said that it’s focusing on in-store pick-ups to take advantage of the more than 4,500 locations it has spread all across the country.

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