ashley-madisonI suppose you could say that this particular claim has a tone of defiance around it – Ashley Madison, the dating site that was exposed to a hack which saw millions of online cheaters’ personal information compromised not too long ago, proudly claims that it has more members joining its ranks. During the height of the hack, Ashley Madison trumpeted a figure of 39 million members, and they now claim that it has amassed over 43 million members based on a rolling count that can be seen on its homepage.


It remains to be seen what is the main driver for the alleged customer growth, as that can be rather challenging or difficult to pin down. So far, the website has remained mum on the situation ever since its last statement was made in August, and this comes after having 32 million of its members’ identities revealed in summer hack.

It is also difficult to confirm whether there are really 43 million members who are now subscribing to Ashley Madison’s services, and the other question that one should ask is this – are all of the subscribers active in the first place? Only time will tell as to whether these new subscribers are active or not – as well as the earlier accounts, or is the spike in membership due to the high profile hack case arousing the curiosity of others?

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