Easter eggs in movies are definitely something that will keep audiences, especially the hard core fans of a particular movie franchise happy, but when it comes to video games, you cannot simply sit back and wait for the Easter egg to happen – you will need to actively seek out such things. DICE, the developer behind the Battlefield series, in addition to Star Wars: Battlefront, and the Mirror’s Edge games, has long held a reputation that is famous for Easter eggs, and the latest one involves Battlefield 4.

While Battlefield 4 is no spring chicken where games are concerned considering how it has been in the market for a couple of years already, new content is still be rolled out for those who still spend time with the game. A new map known as “Dragon Valley” was released not too long ago, where it resembles an updated take on a Battlefield 2 map, and within it contains one of the hardest puzzles in Battlefield 4 history to crack before you get to enjoy said Easter egg. Check out the video above to see how this is one Easter egg that can be cracked – thank goodness for YouTube and other video sharing services in this day and age!

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