candy-crush-sagaIf your child is eating more than they should, or at least snacking more on candies and other unhealthy foods, perhaps you should start paying attention to the kind of games they are playing. According to a recent study conducted by Radboud University in The Netherlands, it has been found that games with food involved could actually lead to children eating more.

According to Frans Folkvord who is one of the researchers involved, he found that children who play games involving food or if there is some kind of food-related ad, they will eat 55% more than those who played games without food involved. Apparently this might have something to do with the way advertising works on the internet compared to regular ads from the TV.

Folkvord claims, “In contrast to television, where the clearly delimited blocks of commercials can help viewers guard against temptation, on the internet, advertising is mixed with other types of content. The websites of food manufacturers contain games, which also offer children the option of sharing games with their friends.”

So you might think that getting your kids to play something like Fruit Ninja versus Candy Crush might be a healthier choice, but apparently that isn’t the case either. Folkvord found that children tend to favor candy. He adds, “Children play a game, get hungry and reach for treats. As the cycle continues, children fail to learn healthy eating behaviour.”

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