Much has already been written and rumored about Samsung’s flagship handset for the coming year and yet before the handset is not officially announced we can expect to hear more whispers about what it may or may not have. Word on the street is that Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S7, both models, in February and that the two models are going to offer different screen sizes.

Apparently the Galaxy S7 is going to feature a 5.2 inch display whereas the curved Galaxy S7 Edge is going to have a slightly larger 5.5 inch display. It’s not said why the company has decided to offer two different screen sizes, perhaps it feels that those who are interested in the curved model will be more willing to spend their money if the handset has a slightly larger display.

It has also been reported that in the initial run Samsung is going to produce five million units of the Galaxy S7 with more units of the curved model being produced, considering the fact that soon after launch it became evident that customers preferred the Galaxy S6 Edge more as opposed to the Galaxy S6. Samsung had a tough time dealing with the supply shortage and it wouldn’t want a repeat of that the next time around.

As far as the launch goes rumor has it that Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S7 one day before Mobile World Congress 2016 kicks off, that’s usually how it unveils new Galaxy S smartphones anyway, and despite rumors to the contrary there’s no reason to believe that it’s going to break tradition in 2016.

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