trial_run_adsMore often than not when you use a free app, like a free game for example, you will be greeted by ads from time to time. Sometimes these ads are for other games by the same developer and if some of them look appealing to you, downloading the app to check it out is a natural progress. But what if you don’t like the app?

Usually we have to wait until we download the app to find out if we like it or not. However in a recent announcement by Google, they have announced Trial Run Ads that allows users to test run apps within ads. This means that for 60 seconds, you will get to test out an app without actually having to download it thanks to the ad’s ability to stream the app directly onto it.

According to Google, “Trial Run Ads are an app ad format that lets a user play a game for up to 60 seconds by streaming content from the app before downloading. The immersive demo increases the likelihood that an install is coming from someone who enjoys playing the game. Users get a taste of the game before going through the download process, and the app developer attracts better qualified users who’ve chosen the game based on their experiences in the app.”

Google claims that apparently in four apps that we download never get used, so by allowing users to trial apps before they are downloaded, it gives users a better idea of what they can expect. It also provides a more accurate experience compared to trailers which sometimes just highlights the best parts.

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