Yesterday Hideo Kojima officially announced that he would be launching a new studio called Kojima Productions, and that for his upcoming game he would be working with Sony and that it would be a PlayStation exclusive. That being said with different platforms available and other companies, why Sony?

For those curious about Kojima’s upcoming game and his choices, the developer revealed more details during an interview with IGN. As for his decision to go with Sony, Kojima claims that it was thanks to Sony’s platform that him and his games managed to make a splash on a global scale, allowing him to reach where he is today.

He also stated that his relationship with Sony goes back 10-years which helped with his decision. As for his upcoming PlayStation game, Kojima states that it remains top secret for now and that he wants to create something that people haven’t seen before. However it seems that for now things are in their very early stages.

For example Kojima states that they have not even chosen which engine to use yet. According to him, “We could go either way, whether it’s using an existing engine or making another engine. We’ll have to do some research before making a decision on that one.” In any case regardless of his decision, we’re sure many gamers will be looking forward to his creations all the same. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, do check out his interview above.

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