russia-hackedThere is the age old saying that goes like this, “better late than never”, but sometimes, discovering a particular issue might have caused untold damage already. Still, this is where firefighting skills in any situation come into play, and for Hyatt Hotels Corporation who recently discovered that their payment processing systems contain malware, they have made an announcement concerning the situation so that guests are in the know.

There has been scant details concerning the data breach, although Hyatt claims that they are currently working with “leading third-party cyber security experts” in the investigation process concerning the breach, as well as to determine whether customer data has been actively affected (in other words: stolen), and if that were to be the case, the number of customers affected as well as the kind of personal information which could be gleaned.

The hotel chain also mentioned that they have taken immediate steps when it comes to beefing up its security, all the while providing assurance to customers that they can “feel confident using payment cards at Hyatt hotels worldwide.” Of course, since every little bit helps, Hyatt has also urged customers to “review their payment card account statements closely,” and if anything is amiss such as unauthorized charges, those should be reported at once. [Press Release]

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