Rolling out a new piece of gaming hardware is always an interesting occasion, although what is more important to follow after that would be to have the right kind of software associated with it. Having said that, we have seen some pretty examples in the past such as the Nintendo Game Boy that arrived bundled with a Tetris GamePak – now that was a killer combo. As for the Oculus Rift, it is said to have its pre-orders processed after the New Year, although no concrete date has been set just yet. What we do know is this – there will be a 3D platformer which will accompany the Oculus Rift release, where it will be known as Lucky’s Tale.

This is one example which you can view in the trailer above which points to the very real possibility of extending the realm of virtual reality to make it worth the effort. So far, initial impressions by those who have given it a go have been rather encouraging, and it will certainly be more than a decent partner to keep the space title EVE: Valkyrie company when the Oculus Rift pre-orders are fulfilled.

So far, we do not know how large of a hole the Oculus Rift will burn in your pocket, but the Oculus co-founder has stepped forward to say that it might not be as affordable as you would think it would be. Gulp! [Press Release]

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