nintendo-3ds-xl-newYes, the whole world might be excited by the fact that Nintendo will be taking the next big step in the company’s evolution, that is, by delivering games on the smartphone platform, but this move also raises several questions – will Nintendo drop their work on the portable game hardware platform? Apparently not, as Nintendo’s Scott Moffitt, executive vice president of sales and marketing, did mention that the “Nintendo 3DS is here to stay.”

That ought to see many gamers heave a sigh of relief when it comes to their beloved Nintendo 3DS which I am quite sure has given them countless hours of gaming joy over time. Moffit added that gaming on smartphone devices and its handheld hardware platform happen to be not mutually exclusive, and insists that both of them “can happily coexist, to the benefit of all gamers.” Do you agree with Moffit, or do you think otherwise?

Let’s face it, smartphone games are at the end of the day, still more lightweight compared to those titles that you see on a dedicated handheld gaming console, although there are many overlaps that we have seen to date already. The Nintendo 3DS continues to be a best seller for the Japanese gaming company, and it does not look as though they would be moving away from a winning strategy anytime soon.

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