imageAs human beings we are used to seeing things as humans do. Apples are red, oranges are round, the sky is blue (or grey depending on where you are), and etc. However it is obvious that animals don’t see things the same way humans do, like how dogs are said to have a more limited color spectrum than humans, and how bats are more or less blind and use sound to find their way around.

That being said have you ever wondered how it might be like to see life through the eyes of an animal? And by that we don’t mean strapping a GoPro onto the back of an animal, we mean actually through the eyes of an animal. For the curious, you’re in luck as scientists have managed to reproduce what dolphins can see, as you can see in the image above which shows the rough shape of a human male diver.

According to lead researcher Jack Kassewitz, “our recent success has left us all speechless. We now think it is safe to speculate that dolphins may employ a ‘sono-pictorial’ form of language, a language of pictures that they share with each other. If that proves to be true an exciting future lies ahead for inter species communications.”

As Kassewitz states, this is pretty exciting as it opens the doors to inter species communications on a whole different level, and they say that Aquaman is the only one that could successfully speak to sea creatures, hah!

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