destiny-taken-king-ps4Where there is a will, there is a way. No matter how good a programmer or developer is, there will certainly be some gamers out there who are proficient at pointing out flaws within the game’s system or environment, and exploit it to their benefit. Destiny players have figured out a loophole concerning the Sparrow Racing League Record Book, and obviously a fix from Bungie as soon as possible would be the best thing.

After all, Bungie themselves have already expressed such an intention in the Twitter post above. It seems as though this particular exploit would enable players to earn rewards from the Record Book – and to do so without the need to fork out 1,000 Silver in order to purchase it. Basically, folks are walking up to Tess, inspecting the book, before completing the challenges or picking up the loot without having to actually purchase the book.

Silver being a micro-transaction currency within the game, would cost $9.99 for 1,000 Silver, and this exploit will obviously see Bungie lose a fair deal of potential income until they fix it. You can also check out proof of the exploit’s existence in the video below.

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