legion pvpOver the years Blizzard has made changes and tweaks to World of Warcraft, both to the PVE and PVP aspects of the game. Now if you’re not as concerned about raiding as you are PVP-ing, you might be interested to learn that Blizzard has announced some pretty big changes they are making to the PVP system in the upcoming Legion expansion.


For starters the way to get gear will no longer be through Honor or Conquest points. Blizzard will be scrapping that system and introducing Honor Levels available to characters who have hit maximum level. According to Blizzard, “As you earn Honor Points, you will increase your Honor Level, up to the maximum Honor Level of 50. Along the way, you’ll earn a number of rewards, including Gold, Artifact Power, and a brand new set of PvP-only Honor Talents.”

So what about PVP gear? Turns out that Blizzard wants to make players less reliant on gear and more on their PVP skills. “In Legion, as soon as you zone into a PvP instance, the stats on your gear will be nullified, and you’ll be given a pre-determined set of stats that’s uniquely configured for your specialization. Furthermore, any set bonuses, enchants, Legendary bonuses, or trinket effects will be deactivated (although your Artifact and its related Artifact Powers will remain active).”

Of course this doesn’t mean that Blizzard will give up on PVP-specific gear. Instead gear can be earned by completing Battlegrounds and Arenas, with the quality of the gear being dependent on your rating. Ultimately this means that players should be able to look forward to a more even playing field, with your wins and losses having to do more with your teamwork and skills rather than who has the best gear.

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