4moms-1[CES 2016] Do you think that parents are overprotective of their children these days? Every single item around the room is wiped with disinfecting wipes, and every single fall will be met by a cuddle and plenty of soothing words. Gone are the days when parents just left their children to their own devices, and if they fall, ending up with a bruised or scraped knee, then it is deemed to be a lesson for them. However, certain safety issues should never be compromised – such as an infant car seat. 4moms has the safety of infants close to their heart, which is why they came up with this self-installing car seat.

This self-installing car seat will obviously need an app to run it, where the demo unit saw an iPhone connected to it via Bluetooth. You will need to initialize it beforehand by placing the “basket” inside, but once it has been calibrated and initialized, everything becomes so simple. There will be continuous monitoring of the car seat to make sure it remains in place, even when you go through some rather bumpy roads, and it will automatically create tension to keep the car seat in place.

Each car will be different, so the verification dashboard on the app will ensure that each fit is perfect and customized accordingly. Of course, it will issue a warning if the car seat is not installed properly in the first place. Out later this June, the self-installing car seat will retail for $499 a pop.

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