amazon-prime-airDeliveries to the front of your doorsteps in the future would most definitely see a change from the regular delivery truck to that of a drone, although do not expect drones to cover long distances just yet. The Amazon Prime Air drone saw a new version revealed in November last year which certainly underlined the company’s seriousness in relying on drones for deliveries, and now Paul Misener, Amazon’s vice president for global public policy, has been interviewed concerning its drone program with some very interesting details. The skinny of it is, Amazon Prime Air hopes to deliver 5lbs packages within a 10 mile radius under 30 minutes.

This is going to be Amazon’s future when it comes to its delivery service, and Amazon hopes that customers will be able to receive their packages within 30 minutes of them ordering it online at, now how about that for efficiency? After all, most of the stuff that Amazon sells happen to tip the scales at less than five pounds each.

As for pricing, the structure has not been figured out just yet, so we will have to wait and see whether it will cost more or less compared to a regular package, although the novelty factor is definitely there. Should there be no one at home, fret not, the package will still get delivered to your doorstep, or wherever you would want it to be placed in your yard.

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