att-signWant an unlimited data plan? Chances are these days you’ll be hard pressed to find one. What most carriers will do is give you a fixed amount of data, but after you reach that cap, they’ll slow your speeds down considerably. These plans will ensure that you won’t be charged for overages, and to a certain point your internet is still functional.


The good news is that if you wanted a truly unlimited plan, AT&T has announced that they will be bringing it back. However there is a catch and that is it will be a cross-promotion with its DirecTV and U-verse television services, meaning that you will have to be a subscriber to either in order to quality for this deal. If you are, great, if you’re not, we’re not sure if subscribing to it will be worth it.

The unlimited data plan will cost you $100 a month for a single device. If you have multiple people in your family, you can add lines to the plan at $40 per device. If you get four devices on board, the fourth will essentially be free, meaning that your monthly bill is $180 (this is just the data plan, not counting other commitments you might have with AT&T).

Is this worth it? We suppose if you’re a super heavy data user then maybe, but once again the catch is that you will need to be registered for either a DirecTV or U-verse subscription, so we guess you’ll have to do the math and determine if unlimited data warrants a subscription to either service.

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