Emiota, a French startup, has unveiled a new wearable device at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. Called Belty Good Vibes it’s a high-end, lifestyle and wellness belt that brings together fashion, health and technology. The company says that this smart belt has technologies that will help reinforce a healthy lifestyle for users through everyday activity. The belt and its companion app are more than a fashion accessory since Belty Good Vibes is said to be the first smart belt that integrated artificial intelligence to contextualize aspects of a user’s life.

“We designed Belty Good Vibes to enrich the lives of others. We want to provide a product that is not only stylish but one that enriches lives; that’s why we created our second smart belt,” said Carine Coulm, the CEO of Emiota.

Belty Good Vibes is manufactured in France, each belt is hand stitched and made using the finest leather sourced via L’Aiglon. The straps on the belt are interchangeable so users can alternate from black and brown to mix and match with their outfits.

The smart belt is much like a fitness buddy, it promotes activity, challenges them to consistently increase amount of activity than the day before, counts steps, encourages relaxation and remains completely in tune with the user’s body.

Pre-orders for Belty Good Vibes are now open with prices starting at $395, Emiota expects to start shipping this smart belt by December 2016.

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