We’re sure that those of you who have play puzzle-based games like The Legend of Zelda have come across a puzzle or two that has left you stumped. Some of you guys might even be frustrated and after a handful of tries, you give up completely. However the next time you are on the verge of doing that, think again.


A blind gamer by the name of Terry Garrett has, after five years of trying, managed to beat and complete the entire The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. How it works is Garrett relies primarily on sounds in the game’s worlds to help find him his way around and for him to accomplish tasks.

For Ocarina of Time, Garrett also employed other methods such as wielding Link’s sword and hitting it against the wall to help him find his way around passageways, kind of like how a walking stick would work. He has also utilized plenty of save states so that he won’t have to restart completely if something goes wrong.

So if you’d like to see Garrett complete Ocarina of Time, then watch the video above for the details. Five years is very impressive and really makes you think about things the next time you want to give up after several attempts.

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