Game developers usually don’t release titles that they had been working on before deciding to give up on that particular project, that’s not something that happens quite often, however, Volition took everybody by surprise when it released a cancelled Saints Row game for PSP. Saints Row Undercover is now available for download absolutely free to anybody who owns a PSP that’s capable of playing this unreleased and unfinished game.

Saints Row Undercover was supposed to be released for PSP but Volition ended up cancelling the project. PSP owners knew that they will never get a final version of this game but if they still remain interested in it, they will be glad to know that they can now play an unfinished version of Saints Row Undercover.

This title was initially meant to be a port of Saints Row 2 for PSP but it was later turned into a standalone title. Volition decided to shelve this project because it wasn’t satisfied with the prototype. They’re not going to start working on it again but have decided to release the unfinished title to the public.

The Saints Row Undercover ISO file is now available for download online, bear in mind that you will require a PSP emulator or a modified PSP to play this title. Also keep in mind that since this game is unfinished there are likely to be many bugs and glitches.

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