cleverpet[CES 2016] An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, or so the saying goes where humans are concerned. But what about when it comes down to our four legged friends? Well, for those of us who take our dogs out regularly for exercise and engaging them in plenty of play and sports such as agility, you can be sure that those are happy pooches. What if you lead such a busy lifestyle, and are unable to do more than what you are doing at the moment? Enter the CleverPet device that engages idle paws.

The CleverPet can be considered to be the PS4 or Xbox One for your furry kid, especially since it will keep your dog engaged when you are not at home and Fido is left all alone. How does it work? Well, it offers mental exercise by forcing your dog to solve a bunch of puzzles, and using the reward behavior, each successful solution will result in the dispensing of his favorite treat. Each successive solution will end up with a more difficult puzzle, in order to make things more challenging.

It will hook up via Wi-Fi for engaging play, and you can monitor your dog’s progress via a mobile app. So far, the CleverPet is being prepared to ship out later this April for $299 a pop.

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