What better way to honor David Bowie than by naming a constellation after the iconic artist. The world continues to mourn the passing of this great artist who received many prestigious awards during his life, and he has also received one posthumously. A constellation shaped in his iconic lightning bolt has been named after David Bowie, there could perhaps not be a more fitting tribute to the man millions loved.


The MIRA Public Observatory in Brussels, Belgium collaborated with a local radio station to register this constellation in Bowie’s name, it’s made up of seven stars that are located close to Mars. Studio Brussels asked the observatory to give Bowie a unique place in the galaxy which didn’t make it easy to determine the appropriate stars to honor him with.

The constellation happens to be an exact copy of the iconic Bowie lightning bolt and it was recorded at the time of his death. Much planning went into selecting these seven stars, picked in reference to this seven albums, Sigma Librae, Spica, Alpha Virginis, Zeta Centauri, SAA 204 132, and the Beta Sigma Octantis Trianguli Australis all located in the vicinity of Mars were selected.

One might say that this is nothing more than a publicity stunt on the part of Studio Brussels, the local radio station, and even though that does make sense I’m quite sure that Bowie’s fans would look past that and appreciate that he’s going to be forever associated with a constellation.

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