PlayStation 4 exclusive Driveclub is going to get a Hardcore mode next month, this has been confirmed by game director Paul Rustchynsky, he revealed this bit of information over Twitter. He also shared a 30-second video showing what players can expect when they go out for a spin with Hardcore mode turned on. From the looks of it, this is going to be a fun and challenging experience for Driveclub players.

Rustchynsky revealed in his tweet that in Hardcore mode essential electronic car controls will be turned off, controls include traction control, stability control and other driving assists. Players will have a barebones experience so to speak, more like a man vs machine kind of experience.

This racing game was not without its faults when it first came out, and that too after a lengthy delay, Evolution Studios had to work very hard to iron out all of the bugs and issues that plagued Driveclub after its launch while coming under intense criticisim for those who had paid for the title.

Since then the developer has done a good job of fine tuning the game and adding new experiences, such as Driveclub Bikes, to make sure that players remain engaged with the title that’s already caused them a lot of headaches in the past.

It appears to be going well so far, and many will certainly like the new mode it has created, Driveclub players now have something to look forward to in February.

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