f80-conceptI have not yet met anyone who would turn down the chance to drive a supercar, as well as to own one if it were to be given away for free. After all, a supercar might not be as comfortable as a luxury saloon, but boy does it pack quite the punch underneath the hood with all those horses ready to canter away at the command of your right foot! Ferraris are well known for their high performance exotic rides as well as beautiful design, so here is a concept that will certainly carry the spirit of Ferrari – the Ferrari F80 concept.

This particular Ferrari F80 concept has been imagined as the successor to the LaFerrari, where it was dreamed up by Italian designer Adriano Raeli. It will continue to maintain the long nose and wind-funneling rear of its predecessors, while seeing the powerplant experience a change, as it ditches the V12 engine but makes use of Ferrari’s KERS technology instead. As a result, this concept is said to be able to elicit a hypothetical 1,200 horses from a twin-turbo hybrid V8, but all of these are just on paper, so even if you give yourself a nice, hard pinch, it will still end up as that – a concept, along with its time of 2.2 seconds in a 0-62 test.

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