first-response[CES 2016] Some couples seem to have babies all too easily, while others who try and try and continue trying seem to have luck desert them – it is all very difficult to tell. However, when it comes to seeing whether your other half is pregnant or not, most folks would stick to the regular pregnancy test kit – or simply wait until there are obvious physical signs that the bun is in the oven. Why not let technology help you out instead? First Response has delivered a Bluetooth-capable pregnancy test known as the First Response Pregnancy Pro over at this year’s CES.


With a $20 asking price, making it approximately triple the cost of most regular, pregnancy test kits that one can purchase over at the pharmacy, what makes this edition from First Response so special? It seems that the Bluetooth integration within the device would have it be more efficient at reading an accurate result compared to the conventional models.

The First Response Pregnancy Pro will showcase a small screen at where the result display is normally located (you know, the plus and minus area), and this small screen is an indicator of whether the test kit is hooked up to your smartphone via Bluetooth or not. Suffice to say, without the native app from First Response, the pregnancy test is unable to synchronize.

After installation and initialization, you will have to go through the personalization process in the app, and the more details entered, the better and more accurate the results will be. It will still require approximately 3 minutes before the results are relayed to you, and while waiting, the app will keep you entertained in order to reduce the amount of stress – or excitement. The asking price certainly makes it a turn off considering it is a one-off device, but perhaps with a higher level of adoption in the future, prices might be driven lower.

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