Ever tried configuring computers by Alienware or Digital Storm to their max? Chances are you could find yourself with a PC build that’s in the low 5-digits price range, but recently YouTuber LinusTechTips has thrown together a PC, sponsored by the folks at Kingston, that apparently will cost you $30,000 to replicate.

Now we have seen some pretty expensive PC builds in the past, but this is one of the few that takes the cake. So why the heck is it so expensive, and what can it do? Basically if you were to watch the video above, what you’ll realize is that the rig is capable of simultaneously running seven versions of Windows on each monitor, with each copy running a video game at the same time.

The rig will use two 14-core CPUs and a whopping 256GB worth of RAM. It is also equipped with seven high-end video cards, AMD R9 Nano 4GB GPUs to be exact, and eight 1TB SSDs. If you want to know the breakdown of the price, the RAM alone costs $2,454.72. The SSDs are $3,267.92 in total, and the case is priced at $399.95.

The seven 34-inch curved screens cost a total of $10,003, the processors at $5,312.64, the dual CPU motherboard for $564.91, the seven AMD GPUs for $4,543, and the 1,500W PSU for $674.50. Ouch.

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