kingston-thumb[CES 2017] It’s interesting and sort of amazing to see how along technology has come, where a few years ago, flash drives would max out at 16GB, but now flash drives with over 100GB of storage has become the new norm. In fact Kingston is looking to take it to the next level as they have unveiled a 3-inch USB flash drive that packs a whopping 2TB of storage.

Yup, you read that right, soon you will be able to slip into your pocket a massive 2TB of data like nobody’s business. It isn’t quite as small as your typical flash drive, but as Gizmodo points out, it is a whole sight better than carrying around an external hard drive, or even worse, those wall socket-powered external hard drives that are the size of encyclopedias.

That being said, the USB drives are of the USB 3.0 variety so if you have a USB-C port, we guess you’re out of luck for now. The flash drive itself is made from a zinc-alloy metal casing that according to Kingston, can withstand extreme temperatures, so if you’re taking photos or videos in extreme weather conditions, this flash drive can back it up without breaking a sweat.

No word on pricing yet, but given the capacity and its small form factor, do not be surprised if its price tag is anything but small.

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