Google tried very hard to get people to use Google+, one of the ways it tried to bring in more users was making it mandatory to sign into some of its other services using Google+, Google Play Games was one of those services. Over the past year the company has been reversing those steps. It has now confirmed that later this year Google Play Games will no longer require a Google+ account for sign in.

The YouTube community didn’t like when Google linked Google+ with comments on the world’s largest online video website, it ended up having to reverse that decision, just like it’s doing for Google Play Games now.

Since it will remove the requirement to use a Google+ account, players will get fewer permission requests, and will only need to log into their Google Play Games account once if they leave auto sign in turned on, instead of having to sign in once per game. The company hasn’t confirmed when it’s going to make this change but it shouldn’t take too long for this to happen now that it has been formally announced by Google.

It goes to show that the nails just keep being hammered into the coffin of Google+, there are many who are waiting for Mountain View to pull the plug on Google+ once and for all, and who knows, perhaps it might end up doing just that.

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