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Google+ For Consumers Will Be Shut Down on April 2, 2019
Many years ago when Google tried to compete with the likes of Facebook, the company launched Google+. Given how integrated we are with Google’s products and services, Google+ seemed like a natural extension of that and on paper it was a good idea, but yet it didn’t quite take off the way Google had intended.

YouTube To Remove Automatic Twitter, Google+ Sharing Tools
If you’re a YouTube creator who uses the platform’s automatic sharing tools to share the videos you’ve uploaded, the bad news is that you will now have two less options in the form of Twitter and Google+. This was revealed by Google on their support page where they stated that automatic sharing on Twitter and Google+ would end at the end of the month.

Second Data Bug Results In Google+ Shutting Down Four Months Early
Google+ was directionless over the past couple of years and it was only a matter of time before the company axed its failed social network. It decided to do so when it found out a major security bug that impacted nearly half a million users. Google said that it would shut down the service in 2019. However, the company has now discovered a new security bug which impacted 52.5 million […]

Google Is Officially Shutting Google+ Down (For Consumers)
Seeing the popularity of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, many years ago Google decided that they would be tossing their hat into the ring and hopping on the bandwagon with the launch of Google+. However given that Google+ didn’t seem to offer too many differing factors from Facebook, it’s not hard to see why many people didn’t make the switch.


Google Reportedly Hid Massive Data Breach From Users
Private data from hundreds of thousands of Google+ users was reportedly exposed and it’s said that Google decided to hide the breach from those who were affected by it. The Wall Street Journal reports citing sources close to the matter that Google chose to not disclose the breach because it feared increased regulatory scrutiny. The report adds that Google discovered and patched the issue earlier this year in March.

Extremist Groups Are Reportedly Starting To Turn Towards Google+
Thanks to social media, various minority groups now have a voice and platform to share their thoughts and opinions. However the downside is that it has given everyone, good or bad, a voice. This has proven to be a problem as extremist groups have been using such platforms to spread their hate and propaganda.

‘Brand New Version’ Of Google+ For Android In The Works
While Google might have attempted their own social networking platform with Google+, it’s safe to say that things on the Google+ front have been somewhat quiet. However this isn’t to say that Google has given up on it or forgotten about it. In fact it seems that there could be a new version of the Google+ Android app in the works.

Google+ Uses Machine Learning To Show Hi-Res Images At Less Bandwidth
It is commonly accepted that hi-res images and videos tend to take up more bandwidth due to their larger file sizes. This means slower loading times, especially for those who might not have stable or fast internet connections, but this is something that Google is looking to change with Google+.

Google+ On Mobile Browsers Now Supports AMP Links
One of the features of Facebook for mobile is that it supports Instant Articles, which are basically links to webpages that load instantly. Google has their own answer to Instant Articles in the form of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which the company has been pushing more aggressively in recent times.

Google Play Games Will Dump Google+ As Well
Google tried very hard to get people to use Google+, one of the ways it tried to bring in more users was making it mandatory to sign into some of its other services using Google+, Google Play Games was one of those services. Over the past year the company has been reversing those steps. It has now confirmed that later this year Google Play Games will no longer require a […]

Google+ Undergoes A Major Redesign
Google might have had the best intentions when they created Google+. We suppose it was easy to see why they thought Google+ could rival the likes of Facebook or Twitter. After all if you already had a Google account, you could make a Google+ account very easily without any fuss, but safe to say that Google+ is nowhere near the level of Facebook.However perhaps in a bid to make Google+ […]

Google+ Uncoupled From YouTube
Google tried to push the Google+ social network by connecting it with some of its more popular products such as search and YouTube but the strategy didn’t work. Over the past few months we’ve seen Google go back from this position and uncouple some of its services from Google+, Hangouts and Photos have already received this treatment and YouTube is next in line. It’s finally being uncoupled from Google+.

Google Exec Clarifies Google+ Photos Closure
A couple of days ago, Google announced that come 1st of August, they will be shutting down Google+ Photos. Now some of you guys might be confused about it and some apparently have taken this to mean that Google+ will no longer support photos, but that’s not true. To help clear the confusion, Google exec Anil Sabharwal took to his Google+ account to clarify it.Basically Google+’s functions and features will […]

Google+ Photos Will Shut Down On The 1st Of August
Earlier this year, Google announced that they would be splitting Google+ into Photos and Streams. This was followed up a couple of months later when Google announced the Google Photos standalone app which basically acts as a photo hosting service which can backup the photos stored on your phone for free (assuming your photos are below the 16MP variety).All of this pointed towards the sign that Google+ Photos would eventually […]

Google Begins Removing Google+ Account Links In Gmail
Google+ was Google’s supposed answer to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but safe to say that even after all these years, the platform does not have the same traction as the former two. So what does this mean for the service? While its future is uncertain, in the meantime it has been noticed that Google has started to remove Google+ account links.The removal appears to have affected Gmail […]

Google+ Hangouts gets updated with sidebar feature and colorful notifications
Google+ Hangouts has just gotten better. Google developer Amit Fulay posted an update today on his Google+ page saying that the popular Google+ Hangouts on the desktop will be getting a few visual and functional updates. Among the updates mentioned, one of them is a sidebar that can be hidden and shown, depending on the user’s preference. Items like invites, chat, and apps are now consolidated into the sidebar.Hangouts is […]

Google Wallet and Google+ app updates for Android released
Google has started pushing out a new updates for its Google Wallet and Google+ apps on Android. While the Google+ update doesn’t do much except the usual “stability improvements and bug fixes”, the Google Wallet app has received more significant updates. According to the changelog, Google Wallet now has the ability to handle PO boxes and increased allowable address length for prepaid card top up, fixes to rewards card syncing, […]

Google+ to support alternate names
In order to get an account on Google+, users were previously required to use their real names on their profiles. Of course, a number of people weren’t happy about the decision, especially those who wanted to create anonymous accounts or use nicknames they’re known by. It’s been many months since the social network has been around, and with over 90 million users registered, it looks like Google has finally decided […]

Google now searches Your World
Google certainly is pushing its Google+ social network a lot these days, mostly through the use of its own search engine. Previously it was the ability to see in your search results +1’s from people in your contact list or circles, and now Google has introduced three more features to bring even more Google+ integration to its search.

Google+ receives some new improvements
Google+ users rejoice – after listening to your feedback, Google has implemented a whole bunch of new features to the social network to make it better. First up you get the option to select how many updates you get from a particular circle via an easy to use slider control. This allows you to stop receiving or lower the amount of updates you get from people who are posting new […]