mont-blanc-street-viewOne great thing about Google’s Street View is this, you get to pay a visit to some of the most famous landmarks around the world, without having to leave the comfort of your own home or to experience jet lag, and more importantly, save a whole lot of dosh in your pockets as well. This time around, the folks over at Google have managed to cobble together images of one of Europe’s most storied peaks – Mont Blanc, via their Street View program.

The Street View imagery is made possible thanks to a slew of mountaineers who climb and ski on Mont Blanc, which is the highest of the Alps. These images will be accompanied by a video highlight of the mountain’s glaciers and panoramic views, ensuring that you do not have to go through freezing temperatures to explore the area. We are talking about being 15,777 feet high; making it covered in a perpetual snow-and-ice.

Some of the images happen to be a step-by-step recording of the route by guide Korra Pesce, who had a Street View camera with him in his backpack, letting this special camera do its work on the quiet by capturing 360-degree images, letting viewers peer off the top of the mountain, inducing vertigo for some along the way.

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