Right now the way we get around is by car, walking, biking, or public transport like trains and buses. However what if in the future we could get around without all those things, and instead get shot to our destination like a bullet coming out of a gun? That’s pretty much the idea behind the Hyperloop which was pitched by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk several years ago.

The good news is that if you’re all for the idea, it looks like we are one step closer to making it a reality, thanks to a report from CNN Money (via Tech Insider). According to the report, it has revealed that the first Hyperloop tubes for Hyperloops Technologies has arrived in the Nevada desert where a test track is expected to be built.

For those unfamiliar, the idea behind the Hyperloop is to send people down the tubes at superfast speeds up to 700 miles an hour to reach their destination. It sounds incredibly dangerous, or maybe even exciting if you’re an adrenaline junkie, but it could be a potential way of getting around in the future.

Of course passengers will need to be placed in pods which have yet to be designed, but a Hyperloop Pod Design Contest will be held at the end of the month at the Texas A&M University where more than 120 teams will present their ideas, before a panel of judges select the best designs that will then be turned into prototypes.

The company expects that their Hyperloop will be completed in 2021, or maybe even 2020 if they keep up the momentum they are experiencing now. However Hyperloop Technologies isn’t alone in this. Another company called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is planning a similar 5 mile test track in the next few months.

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