ios 93 wifi assistWiFi Assist is a feature introduced in iOS 9, and while it might have been a good idea on paper, unfortunately there have been plenty of complaints to suggest that the feature is actually quite a data hog. For those who have unlimited data plans, this isn’t an issue, but for those who don’t, it could lead to bill shock, like this teen who was charged $2,000.

Apple has understandably defended the feature, claiming that it isn’t a data hog, and now it looks like they will back up their claims. According to iOS developers who managed to get their hands on the iOS 9.3 beta, it has been discovered that Apple has made some changes to the feature, namely by displaying exactly how much data is being used by it.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it will now show you how much data has been consumed by WiFi Assist. So if you do go over your data limit and are charged overages, then you will at least have proof that it was because of WiFi Assist. The opposite is also true as Apple will then be able to prove in the courts that WiFi Assist is not the data hog that everyone makes it out to be.

We’re not sure if Apple has made other tweaks to WiFi to make it less sensitive, but we suppose this is a start. iOS 9.3 is still in beta and it might be a while before it is released, but this is a feature that some of you guys will find handy.

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