Kit Harington, who will forever be known as Jon Snow, has broken his silence months after his character on hit TV show Game of Thrones was killed off. For months there has been speculation about the fate of Jon Snow, many are curious to know what happens to the beloved character, well Jon Snow has a few words for them. “Jon Snow is dead in Game of Thrones – get used to it,” says Jon Snow.


If you’ve watched the show then you are aware that Harington’s character was killed off in the season five finale. That’s also the end that Jon Snow meets in A Dance With Dragons, the last book from A Song of Ice and Fire series that the show is based on, and because the author is yet to release the next book even those who have read the entire series aren’t sure of Snow’s fate.

Harington tells Digital Spy that his character on the show is dead and that viewers should get used to it. Actually, it’s the use of this ambiguous language that’s fueling speculation. Other cast members have done this too. One of the theories that many believe to be true is that Jon Snow would actually be resurrected from the dead, so he’ll be technically dead, but we’ll get to see the character’s story continue. The fact that the Red Woman turns up at Castle Black before Snow gets stabbed only lends more fuel to the fire.

He does tell the scribe that he hasn’t worked on Game of Thrones in a long while and that he just hit the ground and went undercover to avoid having to deal with constant questions about the fate of his character. Harington has been out of the press for months and the first time he speaks, he doesn’t quite put the matter to rest, and doesn’t even address why he was spotted in full custome apparently on location even after his character was killed off.

It looks like there’s more than meets the eye here, or perhaps I’m also one of those fans that are still grasping at straws, hoping for Jon Snow to return to Game of Thrones. The new season, or the new book for that matter, can’t come soon enough.

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