neeo-1[CES 2016] I do wonder whether the name of this smart remote called Neoo is some sort of subtle play for Neo of the Matrix fame, but I digress. We live in an age where having a smart home is normal, and smart appliances and devices happen to be all over the place. However, this has led to an old problem that is packaged in a new format. What is that problem? Remember back in the day when you had the DVD player remote, the TV remote, the speaker remote, the A/C remote, and others? A universal remote control solved that issue more or less. The smart home now has so many apps to cater for different devices, and the Neoo wants to bring that to an end by working across the board with these smart devices so that you do not have to use one app to control one device.


The Neeo thinking remote is said to support more than 50,000 devices at home – and counting, as they continue to forge new partnerships with different manufacturers. The remote itself has a 1 month battery life, and it comes with a charging dock for you to juice it up. The “brain” of the device is found in the flat, round device that looks like a hockey puck – where it will communicate with the plethora of devices (Sonos, Nest, you name it) in your home via ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other standards.

As for the Neeo remote itself, it has a nice touchscreen display that shows what is going on, and it runs on its proprietary Neeo OS, with fast and smooth scrolling – I tried it on a really long music playlist, and it lived up to its 60fps claims. It is available for pre-order now at $349 a pop, and will ship very, very soon.

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