netatmo presence hands on 2[CES 2016] They say that a man’s home is his castle, and as we all know, medieval castles are well fortified buildings that need no introduction. How about the modern day home then – especially for those of us who happen to live on landed property and do not have the benefit of a building-wide security perimeter as found in apartments and condominiums? Well, Netatmo intends to address this particular issue by rolling out their Netatmo Presence outdoor security camera that is touted to be able to detect and report people, cars and animals.


When installed outside, Presence will perform an analysis in real-time should someone loiter around the home, when a car enters the driveway or a pet is in the yard. It is smart enough to figure out what it sees, before sending the user a notification should something out of the ordinary be detected in the monitored area.

This is made possible thanks to the inclusion of the revolutionary Smart-Sight feature, where Smart-Sight makes use of a breakthrough deep learning algorithm that is capable of detecting the presence of people, cars and animals. The camera will then let the user to know instantly what’s happening outside his home, before sending the corresponding smart notification of “Person seen”, “Car seen” or “Animal seen.” When dusk falls, fret not, as Presence’s powerful infra-red night vision makes the night watch a cinch. It has a smart floodlight that can be set to detect and scare off any unwanted visitors or to light up the way when it’s dark, now how about that? There is no word on pricing just yet, but it should hit the market some time in the third quarter of this year.

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