[CES 2016] Looking to store files offline onto portable drives? External hard drives, microSD cards, and flash drives are your usual suspects. However the only problem with such storage mediums is that you need to connect them to a PC, a card reader, a laptop, and so on, meaning that storing and accessing things on the go might be a hassle.


Enter Link by Fasetto. This is essentially a cube-shaped device that can store up to 2TB of data wirelessly, and what makes it even more interesting is the fact that it is essentially like a tiny computer because it has its own processor, RAM, and it runs its own operating system as well, meaning that users will be able to access its contents anytime, anywhere via a web interface.

This means that users won’t have to worry about cables and plugs and card readers as long as they have the Link with them. This would make it ideal for photographers or videographers on the go who might need to offload some files to free up space on their devices, or if you have files that you want people to access to in groups.

The Link is made from CNC aluminum and is shock proof ABS, so traveling with it should not be a problem. It also features a solid state drive so there are no moving parts, so pop it in your bag, slip it into your pocket, it should be fine. Unfortunately if you wanted to get your hands on the Link, it will only be available in Q4 2016 so it looks like you’ll have to wait.

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